Resurgence Of Psychedelics

When we talk about new uses of psychedelics and the reemergence of mushrooms and other natural items in our culture, what are we talking about? Well, we’re talking about new markets, but also about new ways of thinking and new ideas that can positively inform our society.

The Quest for Calm

Across the wider holistic wellness community, there’s a sense that humans have not yet evolved to use new technologies in the best ways.

In other words, even though we live a very modern lifestyle, we still have an array of anxieties and even primal impulses related to our ancestry as hunter-gatherers and active participants in biological systems.

So with that in mind, people are turning to psychedelics for help with the calm and tranquility they seek. At the same time, they try to balance their physical bodies with their mental and emotional spheres.

Some believe there is a role for psychedelics here. 

Behavioral Health

Scientists are also looking at the use of psychedelics for behavioral health outcomes.

Here there is a clinical component to this and an intuitive one.

People are electing certain types of treatments because they feel like they may be helpful for a range of things, including: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Aggression disorders

 So with that in mind, that’s another frontier of this sort of process.

Psychedelics as a Societal “Marker”

There’s another way that people are thinking about psychedelics, too. They think that it demonstrates how society has moved beyond a certain primitive mindset regarding substances.

The old traditional model was to tightly control natural substances to impose a certain kind of order on society.

The new model is more open about acknowledging that these natural things have therapeutic purpose and potential.

So as you’re going through the website and everything, think about this and how it has informed our culture- you may be surprised at what you find. You may find that there’s a different way to think about some of the newest consumer products that you see popping up on the market. We’re here to help. We have put work into operating this e-commerce site, and we think it will pay off. 

There’s much more to say about the contributions that natural substances can make to our lives. Right now is a very interesting time for these kinds of movements, and spending some time exploring the subject is worthwhile. 

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