About Us

Why psychedelic education? Read a bit more about our mission and vision for our company below.

We are Activists Who Care

We genuinely believe that psychedelics are the future. Education is our key to unlocking our future with psychedelics. 

"Education is the Key to Legalization"

Compiling and distributing this information is something we are passionate about. This platform is first and foremost intended to be a place where any adult can openly explore psychedelics and consider their benefit.

We aim to create a supportive community where individuals can engage in meaningful discussions about psychedelics without the risks associated with illegal activities.


Keeping your mind at ease

Our Core Values

A brief rundown of what we are… and aren’t. We want to be very clear with our intentions to the public to ensure that we are educating in the most transparent way possible.

We are:

An online psychedelic education platform and resource, first and foremost. We are educators! We are here to deliver unbiased, research-based education on any substance that is mind-altering and potentially psychedelic. By providing this information, we believe we are contributing toward helping the public find their own personal truth and journey with psychedelics. Education will lead to legalization!

We are not:

Religiously motivated, or funded by any sort of group or company who are. Although we acknowledge and respect the spiritual properties that psychedelics possess, we do not attribute our information or beliefs around psychedelics to anything other than scientific study and empirical/historical data.

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