Mycelium Cultures vs Spore Prints

A recent trend of AI-produced foraging guides has caused injury among amateur foragers and mycologists. Please get your cultures or spore prints from a reputable seller. If you plan to make your own spore prints or cultures, use a reputable guide to identify the species you have selected for printing.

Mycelium cultures are a method of propagating mycelium in a liquid nutrient medium. The liquid culture is then used to inoculate a substrate. We will be using mycelium cultures with our grow kits, as they accelerate mycelium growth, boast higher success rates, and lower contamination risks. Spores allow for more experienced mycologists to experiment with mushroom genetics, and spore prints are relatively easy to collect and preserve once you are familiar with the process.

Our advanced courses will cover spore prints, agar preparation, and culture creation for more involved grows.


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