Substrate Basics

As stated in the introduction, substrate is just the material you grow your mushrooms in. There are many substrate blends commercially available and there are plenty of DIY recipes out there if making your own substrate is an endeavor you decide to embark on. Mushrooms can grow in a variety of materials but can prove difficult to cultivate without the right blend for the right mushrooms.

The substrate blend for this course is a mixture of coco coir (shredded coconut husks), sterilized millet, vermiculite (a soil amendment that naturally holds air and water), gypsum, crushed oyster shells and worm castings. This blend has been measured, mixed and sterilized prior to shipping and as such is ideal for a first time grow. No bins to set up, no substrate to mix and sterilize, and no extra if you decide that mycology isn’t actually a hobby you want to pursue at home.

Grow kits are an easy and neat way to grow a few flushes and experiment with home growing. They are affordable and compact, easy to start and easy to keep clean.

In future courses, we will discuss mixing and sterilizing a DIY substrate blend, as well as expanding your grow to get more out of your mycelium. Keep in mind that if you do decide you want to grow more mushrooms, your mycelium can be transferred into a larger tub with sterile substrate for more flushes.


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