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We’re about to launch our first set of of comprehensive online psychedelic education courses. Click below to learn more!

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Discover how psychedelics can positively impact your day-to-day life

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Discover the different types of psychedelics

Learn about what exactly psychedelics are and how exactly they are "mind-altering" substances. Why do mushrooms cause you to trip? What differentiates a "legal magic mushroom" from one that is not? Allow us to explain!

Understand the human history of psychedelics

The use of psychedelics in medicine dates back over a thousand years. Their continual prevalence in in multiple societies throughout history suggests that there's definitely some merit to their use.

Apply this knowledge toward achieving better health

Whether you are suffering from mental illness or are simply looking to facilitate a change in perspective, let us demonstrate how psychedelics can have the capacity positively impact your mental health.

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